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artificial grass wholesaler

Bulk synthetic turf supplier for local landscapers and outdoor living contractors and designers

It’s never been a better time to be an outdoor living architect or landscaper in Oklahoma. Your clients want landscape solutions that are undemanding of their time and money– all while still looking great in high-traffic areas. Whether your project is a residential landscape update or a large commercial job, partnering with SYNLawn Oklahoma gives you more options for your clients.

As a certified SYNLawn distributor and wholesale facility, we are looking for local landscaping companies and outdoor living architects to partner with us. Our wholesale artificial turf options open the door for landscapers to expand their services. Becoming a synthetic grass supplier for local industry businesses can help meet the demand that is happening right in our communities.

When you partner with SYNLawn, you can expand your services to those including artificial turf installations, thanks to our wholesale discounts! Our landscape turf looks, feels and reacts like natural sod, and most can’t even tell the difference. It requires less upkeep over the life of the product, and it looks great no matter where it is installed.

Working with SYNLawn means more than access to discounted artificial grass. We will provide you with complete product and installation training. You can then use the SYNLawn techniques to meet the growing demand throughout Oklahoma. Your business will grow with even more requests for landscape, playground, and even field and sports turf projects!

getting started with wholesale artificial turf from synlawn

When you sign up for our wholesale program, you receive high-quality artificial grass, accessories, or our turn-key estimates from our SYNLawn certified group. You also can enjoy these other great benefits:

  • FREE turf samples and product literature
  • Discounted turf rolls, installation supplies, and accessories
  • Dedicated support for all your orders
  • Detailed installation training and support from SYNLawn
residential applications

Your clients are looking for any possible way to have an effortless outdoor living space. They want to do as little as possible to maintain a beautiful yard. You can meet this request with artificial grass landscapes. Immediately after the installation, your clients can get outside and play catch with the kids or fetch with the dogs. But don’t worry – they’ll keep your business on speed dial to help maintain the shrubs and trees.

commercial applications

Commercial landscaping architects know that schools, churches, and fitness facilities have tight budgets for grounds upkeep. Artificial turf can be the long-term solution you’re both looking for. The savings is in the life of the product as compared to traditional sod seeding, fertilizing, weeding, mowing, and additional maintenance.

Expand your business by offering SYNLawn products to your clients. Contact us today to learn more from our wholesale synthetic turf suppliers in Oklahoma.

frequently asked questions by synlawn installers

  1. Why are the artificial grass options different weights?A: Affordability is part of a lower weight option, but it is also designed for a lower foot traffic use. If your client expects heavier foot traffic or wants a higher-quality product, direct them to a heavier weight turf product for more durability.
  2. What is the best way to cut the artificial grass to shape it to flower beds and other landscape challenges?A: A standard boxcutter usually does the trick. Check your SYNLawn installation guide to help you with these unique landscape challenges.
  3. How should I tell my client to keep the turf clean?A: We recommend using a leaf blower to remove leaves and other topical debris. If they need to fluff up the turf fibers, a stiff plastic broom will be just fine. If they are concerned about pet odors, a quick rinse with the hose will push the odor-causing fluids down and out of the turf layer.
  4. My client is concerned about weed growth. What should I tell them?A: The SYNLawn installation process includes black weed fabric on top of the aggregate layer to further prevent the growth of weeds. The fabric weave still allows for proper drainage beneath the turf.
  5. Is it better to use seaming tape and adhesive or staples and nails?A: Refer to your installation guide and your SYNLawn distributor for best practices. Every application is different. You will want to use the turf installation method that best meets the quality guidelines set by the brand.
  6. How do I install a playground system?A:Contact your SYNLawn installation professional. The height of the playground equipment will determine whether a 2” playground pad is necessary.